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Window and Wall Signs

Window and Wall Signs examples
Window and Wall Signs

Window and Wall Signs

Give any surface a promotional or decorative update with window and wall graphics.

Every store, restaurant, office, school or other facility, of course, has windows and walls, And, each is a potential display space to enhance your branding, promote your products or improve your décor. The solution? Custom window graphics and wall signage you find with us. KKP.

There’s an attractive, affordable graphic for your windows and walls, indoors or out.

Look around your building or, better yet, have us survey your location with you. We’ll help you identify those doors, walls and windows that are prime candidates our graphic and signage solutions: 

Window decals: Transform your clear windows into an attractive advertising space advertises your products or services with window decals. In addition to displaying promotional messages, you can also showcase your logo, business name, hours or other information with custom indoor window decals and outdoor window decals. Our window decals are made of custom-printed, self-adhesive vinyl. This makes them a longer-term solution than static-cling window decals. They are also the better choice as outdoor signage for your windows or doors.   

Static window clings: These window graphics and door graphics adhere to glass surfaces through the principal of static cling. They’re easier to install and remove than decal alternatives. And, unlike decals, they may even be repositioned and reused. That said, static window clings are more suitable as indoor signage solutions, and best employed for shorter-term use such as when promoting sales, holiday items or special events. Like decals, our static cling window graphics offer vibrant colours thanks to our state-of-the-art digital printing technology.

Opaque window decals: Custom printed on adhesive white vinyl, opaque window decals serve businesses and organizations two ways. Many use them outdoors or indoors as window graphics to display logos and other designs. They also enhance privacy. Apply them at eye level on the windows and doors of conference rooms or executive offices to afford those within greater privacy.  

Wall decals: Made from ultra-thin vinyl, wall decals are much like window decals and door decals only they adhere to painted walls or wood walls instead of glass surfaces. The advantages of wall decals over painting are numerous. Wall decals featuring your logos, custom graphics or inspirational quotes are easy to apply and there’s nothing to clean up afterward. You don't need to worry about messy paint spills, drop cloths or cleaning brushes when you're done. Like to display a bigger scene — perhaps one that stretches from corner to corner? Wall decals are one great way to showcase a wall mural; our custom wallpaper is another.

Clear-vinyl decals: Custom clear vinyl window decals let you add message or graphics to any window without blocking the view or light. How? Designs are printed on clear backgrounds rather than solid-colour backgrounds, thereby offering greater visibility.

Custom wallpaper: Custom wallpaper offers greater permanency than vinyl wall decals. Select custom wallpaper over standard, “off-the-shelf” solutions if seeking to improve your décor with your corporate colours. Others choose to recreate full-wall mural with custom wallpaper. For example, think about reproducing scenes of Venice for your Italian eatery, or rolling greens for your lawn supply store.    

Office & reception signs: When thinking about updating your building’s interior or exterior, it’s a good time to consider renewing the door signs, office numbers and other signs throughout your facility. Our attractive and affordable signage solutions extend to these applications.

3D Signs & Dimensional Letters : Make your business name or logo stand out with 3D Letters & Number. These three-dimensional signage or dimensional letters, add a dimension of depth to width and height. Available as either an indoor dimensional lettering and signage or outdoor dimensional lettering and signage. Determine your application and budget for 3D signage and let us work out the most suitable option for you.
   3D signs are available as:
   Acrylic 3D signs and letters: Available in almost any color.
   Foam 3D signs and letters: Great for indoor applications
   Metal 3D signs and letters: These are very long-lasting. Metals include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel.
   Plastic 3D signs and letters: Another affordable and easily customized option, plastic 3D signs and letters can be formed or injection-molded from many types 
   of plastic. With plastic 3D signs and letters, you’ll select from many colors and finishes.
   Wood 3D signs and lettersRustic and weather resistant 
Acrylic signs and letters: Are a form of plastic that’s affordable, easily customized & highly durable. Acrylic is a popular material for displays, showcases, signage, stands and even awards. With options ranging from sophisticated 3D signage and wall-mount acrylic signs to hard-working office door signs and displays, we offer custom acrylic signs and display solutions for every brand, décor, purpose and budget!

We offer drilled holes in:

    • Each of the four corners
    • Top and bottom center
    • Top corners only
    • Corners and top and bottom center
    • Custom hole placement

Need design expertise? Or, help with measuring your application, installing your new graphics or even removing them later? Just ask. At KKP, we pride ourselves on going to the wall — and windows — for you!



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