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Impact Marketing

Impact Marketing examples
Impact Marketing

Impact Marketing

Impact Marketing provides you with marketing solutions that help you connect 1 to 1 with your customer for increased sales.

This type of marketing is creative and deliberately goes against what everyone else is doing. It truly requires "thinking outside the box."

Impact mail is a direct mail piece aimed at immediately catching the attention of its audience.  You don’t need to limit your campaign to a traditional rectangular shape.  Instead, you can send a mail piece in the shape of something associated with your product or brand and stand out from your competition.

KKP can work with you to produce your Impact Marketing piece. We can maximize the power of your printed piece by using:

  • Die-cuts
  • Special Folds
  • Unusual Materials

Impact Marketing work well for product launches, events and a whole variety of marketing needs.

With an Impact Marketing campaign, you have creative freedom to ensure the message stands out and achieves maximum impact with your target market.


Friendly and informative service. Great crew working at this location.
5 Star Rating!
-Ed S
May 2017
Amber & Saif have always provided consistent quality with anything they have ever done for us, we value the relationship we have with them and can always count on them even in times when we have needed today's job done yesterday.
5 Star Rating!
-Cristina L
North York, Ontario
March 2017